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Old Florida Gardens LLC: Native Garden Design to Re-wild Florida


Old Florida Gardens is a native Florida garden design company based in central Florida. With 8 years of experience, Old Florida Gardens is committed to creating beautiful and sustainable landscapes that capture the essence of Florida's natural environment.  We invite you to explore our recent projects and learn more about how we can help you create your own idyllic garden.  

Our Mission

     At Old Florida Gardens we can design, install, and maintain a native Florida garden for you.  We can design highly personalized and creative landscapes, landscapes that adhere to HOA guidelines, and everything in between.  We strive to create gardens that add beauty to the lives and homes or businesses of our clients. 


     The gardens we design adhere to the principles of Florida Friendly Landscaping and we use native Florida plants almost exclusively.  Plants that are native to Florida have evolved over hundreds, sometimes, thousands of years to thrive in Florida’s climate and soils.  They require minimal to no irrigation after establishment and do not need any fertilizers, herbicides, or fungicides.  Native plants are a critical source of food, sometimes the sole food source, and habitat for our native wildlife as well.  Native plants also preserve our local identity and culture.


     Gardening is therapeutic.  Gardens are a place to rest your mind, to find joy, to center yourself and reconnect with the simpler, subtler gifts life has to offer.  A beautiful garden can bring family and friends together.  It can help a community reconnect and bond over a shared interest. When you hire Old Florida Gardens to help you with your landscape, we help you reconnect with your land.  There will be new life and a renewed energy in your landscape. It is our sincere wish that the gardens we build will be a source of lifelong joy for our clients.

Let’s Work Together

Thank you for your time and interest!

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