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Available Services

Consult and Design

Our designer will meet with you at the site of your future garden.  She will sit down with you and discuss the goals you have for your garden, what the space will be used for, your aesthetic preferences, what visual themes you would like incorporated, etc.  After the she gets to know you, she will get to know your garden, assess the soil,  and light and moisture levels of the space.  She will take pictures and measurements.  Then the design process begins.  Our designer will draft a garden design based on your goals for the space and the growing environment.  Along with a garden design, you will also receive a manual with installation instructions, long term care instructions, a field guild outlining the wildlife your garden is designed to attract, plant propagation tips, and other useful information.  This service is exclusively for the consult and design, it does not include installation.  You will receive a design that you can install yourself at your own leisure.  

Consult, Design, and Installation

The Design, Consult and Installation service includes everything outlined in the Consult and Design section, but also includes the installation of the design as well.  We can build the garden all at once or schedule the installation incrementally. 

Garden Maintenance

Although native gardens require minimal maintenance, some clean up may be needed periodically.  We are well educated in the unique maintenance needs of  native Florida gardens and can provide assistance in their long term care.  


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