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Natural Stone Fire Pit and Flagstone Patio

An oversized natural stone firepit with flagstone patio


Forest Garden with Water Feature

A small forest inspired garden.  This was designed specifically to attract song birds.  The clients had Irish ancestry and asked that their Celtic heritage be incorporated into the design, hence, the Celtic cross pathway.  The water feature, a small ground fountain encrusted in opal, mother nature's heart beating life into this shady forest garden.


Pine Forest Garden 

A central Florida pine forest garden designed for privacy.  Though not visible, a wildflower path and secret play area was built for the client's children

Nicole Howe Road Side Plant Bed.jpg

Pinellas County Maritime Forest Garden

A garden in southern Pinellas county modeled after a Pinellas county maritime forest. All of the newly installed plants are native to Florida and most are native to Pinellas county.  This front yard garden can now support over 300 hundred species of Florida pollinators and birds.

Evy Front View After.jpg

HOA Butterfly Garden

A backyard butterfly garden designed to accommodate HOA guidelines, the needs of the client, and support butterflies during all of their life stages.  

Singh Backyard Design 3.jpg

Tropical Themed Native Garden 

A newly installed tropical themed garden that utilized a mix of native Florida plants, edible plants, and pre-existing exotics.  

newly installed tropical themed garden.jpeg
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